The Damocles Inquisition

Kitty's back story - The Crown

Session 01


Kitty has been notified of a job and is to meet an informant in a small clearing in the woods.
She takes her colleague, Merisiel, with her. Merisiel is a fellow thief with whom she has had many dealings with in the past.

As they arrive at the meeting point it is raining hard and it’s dark. A shadowy figure steps out of the shadows of the trees; pass phrases are exchanged, to confirm the drop, and the figure hands Kitty a small piece of parchment:

Target: Ulmade’s crown
Location: Ulmade castle
Reward: 1000GP

Beneath it is a drawing of the crown.

I can take you to the castle, and show you a way in, but you’re on your own from there”, the figure said, as he turned and started walking. Disappearing behind a group of trees, he comes back with three horses. He mounts one, and starts trotting off, expecting Kitty and Merisiel to follow him.

After a short trek, the arrive at the top of a high cliff. The air smells salty and the wind is rough. In front of them is a castle, surrounded by the sea waters, with only a small bridge connecting it to the land; this is Ulmade castle.
The man dismounts his horse and gestures for you to do the same. Quietly he moves towards a large bush and starts parting it aside. Beneath it is a small wooden door, old and covered in dirt. He tugs hard at it, and pulls it open. He points inside, “You can get in through here and that’s where I leave you.” Quickly, before Kitty and Merisiel can say anything, he remounts his horse, grabbing the bridles of the other two and rides off, leaving them both without any transport back.

Looking down into the hole, a small dark tunnel lies before them, and the start of some old looking stone steps can be seen, fading into blackness.

Entering the darkness

Kitty and Merisiel enter the tunnel; it smells damp and the air is stale. The walls are roughly hewn from the cliff rocks and the steps very steeply take them further down.
As they near the bottom of the steps, there is a small flat area followed by another set of steps heading up, but less steep.
They sneak up the stairs and find a large, heavy, locked door. Easily unlocking it, they find themselves in what looks like a storage room, with only one other door. Kitty sniffs, she can smell something; people, sweaty, they smell like guards.

As Merisiel opens the door it creaks loudly. Silence. It looks like no-one heard it.
A long corridor lies before them, brightly lit not by torches, but by an array of tall arrow slits that mark the walls. A large archway lies halfway down the hall, covered by a set of metal bars, with a small doorway in it. Behind it is a small round table with three guards sitting around it – one is snoring, fast asleep and the others are noisily playing cards.

Kitty and Merisiel easily manage to sneak passed them and to a large hall, filled with old, worn tables and set for a meal, and a narrow hallway leads off to the left.
As they sneak passed, and down the passage, Kitty stops to steal several (18!) spoons.

The hallway is dark and narrow and, after a short distance the floor comes to an end and the hallway continues as a motionless pool of water. At the far distance is a circle of light, pouring on the water from above.

Kitty shoots her grappling arrow towards the light and it catches. Both of them grab on and swing across, hoping to reach a platform over the other side. Suddenly, bang, they hit a solid brick wall and Merisiel loses her grip and falls into the water; it’s only a few foot deep.
The hallway comes to an abrupt end just the other side of the light. They pull themselves up the rope and out through the circular opening of what turns out to be a well.

Out in the open

Looking around, they’re in a small grassy courtyard; a large apple tree sits in one corner, bushes and flowerbeds dot the area.
Seeing the apple tree, ripe with plump, juicy apples, both Kitty and Merisiel decide to pilfer a few. Suddenly a couple of guards, who are walking along the battlements above, notice them, their crossbows aimed straight and Kitty and Merisiel.

Who goes there?”, the guards say with a scowl.
Kitty looks up, innocently, “We’re the gardeners.
The guards look at them, then at each other, “Okay then, I guess you would know.” Then they walk off.

A small gateway leads out of the courtyard, and to a small bricked area that lies outside of the castle walls. Out here is a door large, heavy door, of which the lock is too strong for either to pick, so they head back into the courtyard, with the intention of breaking through one of the windows, into the main castle.

Session highlights

  • Kitty and Merisiel are given a job to steal King Ulmade’s crown – Reward of 1000GP
  • They are taken to the castle, shown a secret entrance, and provided a map of the first floor
  • Kitty steals 18 spoons from the soldier’s mess hall
  • They end up in a courtyard, where they convinced two guards that they are the castle gardeners


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