The Damocles Inquisition

Kitty's back story - The Crown

Session 02

Around the walls

As they reach the window, they hear a congregation of people passing through the hallway on the other side of the glass. It sounds as though there’s some sort of party going on. Deciding that they can’t risk going in through this way, Kitty and Merisiel head back out through the gateway and attempt to sneak along the thin ledge that runs around the side of the castle.

As they pass beneath the large, ceiling high, stained glass window, that decorates the castle’s main hall, a small section of it opens and the head of a young boy pops out. Although surprised to see Kitty and Merisiel, they manage to convince him to play hide and seek. He goes off to count as they sneak off.
As they follow the corner of the castle around and find themselves in front of a thin bridge, which leads to the outcropping tower, another window opens above them. Again, the small boy looks out, “Found you!” He cries, “It’s my turn now, I’m going to ask mummy and daddy where to hide”, and he closes the window again.

Quickly, Kitty gets out her grappling arrow and shoots it above her head, to another bridge, above them. Deciding not to try and enter the castle here, they run across the bridge, to the tower. The door is locked, but easy to pick.

The tower

Once inside, they find themselves in a small, dark room. Another room, in front of them, contains a spiral staircase, leading both up or down.
Behind the staircase, Merisiel finds a small, decorative wooden box. She tries to open it, but fails, so Kitty snatches it and tries herself. She easily breaks the lock open and finds a small necklace inside, with a pendant attached. Quickly shoving it into one of her many pockets, they go to the stairs.
Heading up, they can hear guards in the next room, and again on the next floor, and on the next. They keep going up, until they reach the top floor where, again, guards can be heard talking.

Deciding to risk it, they open the door to find a lone guard, standing in front of the door which would lead them to the outside of the tower.
The guard notices Merisiel’s head peering around the door and he unsheathes his sword. Quickly, Kitty runs towards him and bashes him over the head with the blunt side of her Kunai. Merisiel then ties him up with her rope, just as two more guards come bursting through a side door. Panicking, Kitty makes a dash for the exterior door, throwing it open and rushing across the bridge, back towards the castle.

Merisiel turns to do the same, trying to throw her alchemist’s fire at the guards as she retreats. Panicking, she drops it at her feet and the flames fly everywhere, burning her trousers clean off, and shooting towards the guards.
As the flames catch them, they scream and run towards Merisiel, diving straight off the bridge and down into the sea below.

Session Highlights

  • Kitty and Merisiel go around the outside of the castle wall, towards the outer tower
  • A small boy sees them out of the window and plays hide and seek with them. He then runs off to get his parents
  • They climb up to the lowest bridge adjoining the tower to the castle, and enter the tower
  • Merisiel finds a locked box. Failing to unlock it, Kitty snatches and unlocks it, finding a necklace inside, which she keeps.
  • At the top of the tower, they encounter some guards. It ends with Merisiel setting fire to her trousers and the guards (Who jump off the tower to their deaths)
  • Kitty and Merisiel then cross the bridge to the castle


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