The Damocles Inquisition

Main Campaign - Forest Festivities

Session 03

A Good Nights Rest

Realising that the sun has almost set, and the light is drawing in ever faster, the party decide that it would be best to make camp where they are, rather than to attempt traversing the forest at night.
Kitty Lock and Eleana decide to sleep in the confines of the carriage, whilst Persephone climbs up on the roof, and takes the first watch. As a Tiefling, she can see clearly in the dark, so they see no reason to light a fire.

A few hours go by and all seems quiet and the night is thick and dark, when suddenly Persephone notices hundreds of little glowing eyes hiding amongst the undergrowth. Looking around, she sees that they are everywhere, surrounding them.
Gently she thumps her foot on the carriage roof, to rouse the others.
Kitty Lock is the first to emerge, who quickly climbed to the roof of the carriage, followed drowsily by Eleana.
After showing the others what she see’s, Persephone jumps to the ground and walks as close as she can get to the trees on the roadside, without leaving the road itself. Unfortunately she can see no more clearly what the eyes may belong to, as they are too far away. With that, Kitty Lock determines to head off the path to ascertain what kind of creatures they may be. She gets out a torch but, as she lights it, the eyes rapidly move to be more concentrated around her. They have moved no closer, but are far more concentrated around her.
Out f concern, Persephone preys to her deity (And rolls a natural 20…). Suddenly and without warning, the lit torch that Kitty Lock held burst into a mass, perfectly circular ball of flame, roughly three foot in diameter, covering her arm but, oddly, not hurting her. The area was lit up as though in daylight, for a hundred feet around them.
Looking around them, the eyes have gone, and no trace of them remains.

Feeling somewhat safer now, Persephone and Eleana head into the carriage to sleep, whilst Kitty Lock takes over the watch.
As soon as Persephone falls asleep, the torch goes out completely, and all is dark again.

Fire in the Forest

Everything is quiet for the next hour; no wildlife rustling, no mysterious glowing eyes., just silence. Then, far off in the distance, a small fire lights up amongst the trees. Quickly, Kitty Lock bangs her feet on the carriage roof, to wake the others.
Drearily they crawl out and look over at where Kitty Lock is pointing (Which takes a bit of hand holding for Eleana, due to her lack of sight in the dark. Knowing that there are no other signs of other people in the woods, curiously they decide to investigate.

Kitty Lock runs ahead, as fast as she can and as quiet as the night itself; leaping and bounding from tree to tree, and bouncing across the thick moss covered ground, not making a sound. An impressive feat for someone who cannot see an inch in front of her, in this blackness.
She is followed quite quickly, but not quite as silently, by Persephone.
Eleana takes things a bit slower, being more careful, so as not to trip. She walks along at a slow, steady pace.

As Kitty Lock and Persephone get closer, they can hear beautiful, lively music emanating from the direction of the fire. It sounds most wonderful.
Ever closer still, it becomes apparent that the fire is a small bonfire, in the middle of a clearing. Around it are many silhouettes of figures dancing around gaily.
The silhouettes appear in all sorts of shapes and sizes; some with horns, others with tails or wings, and all manner of other strangeness.

The party decide to creep carefully closer and, as they reach the edge of the clearing, the revellers can be seen more clearly in the light of the fire. They look perfectly human; a group of festive celts, dressed in their typical attire. No horns nor wings could be seen amongst them.
The celts are dancing and playing beautiful melodies on pipes, drums, and stringed instruments, whilst others sit around eating and laughing together. It seems like a fantastic joyous celebration, perhaps a pagan seasonal festival.

Persephone looked at the others, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”, she said.
However, cautiously intrigued, Kitty Lock decides to risk any perceived danger and introduce herself.
Sheathing her weapon, she walk into the clearing with her hand open and outstretched, and said “Hi.”
Immediately, the music stopped, the fire extinguished, and everything fell deadly silent.

Repeat and Run

For a few moments everything was quiet, as the party stood there in bewilderment, when suddenly they heard the familiar sound of music, further in the distance. Turning around, they saw another campfire casting shadows amongst the trees.

Fearing some sort of trap or danger, and concern of losing their way in the forest, the party decide to head back towards the carriage. With all of the confusion, Eleana and Persephone have lost all their bearings. Kitty Lock, however, has kept a close eye on which way they went and points them back towards the carriage.
The new campfire is in the same direction, slightly off to the right.

Due to the poor visibility, and their wish to go slower, and more quietly, they got out a rope and tied it around each of them. With Kitty Lock taking the lead, the rope around her tail, followed by Eleana and Persephone, both tied around the waist, they wandered carefully.

As they near this campfire, a wonderful smell emanates from its direction. To each it smells like their favourite food, prepared so exquisitely.
Without warning, Kitty Lock and Eleana were pulled harshly towards the fire, as Persephone jerked clumsily towards it. Her friends try and pull her back, but her strength is too great, and she just trudges on forwards in a trance=like state, making no reaction to their calls and pleas.
Hurriedly they try to snap her back to reality; Kitty Lock pulls out some spoons from her pocket and throws them at Persephone, but still no response. Fervently Eleana fumbles in her pockets and pulls out a bunch of Winterbite leaves, wafting them vigorously under Persephone’s nose, but even that had no reaction.
As a last resort, Eleana pulls out a small, thin green bottle and uncorks it with a “pop”. Persephone jumps as if awakening from a dream, as the bottle is wafted in front of her face. Her eyes wide open now, she looks around alert, and confused.
“Absinth”, says Eleana, proudly, as she places the cork back tightly on the bottle and pockets it away.

Realising that there is something trying to draw them farther into the woods, and as their fears got the best of them, they determined to continue towards the carriage, and to get as far away from the campfires as possible,
Agreeing that there was no longer a need to be overly discreet, and as it is pitch black, with only Persephone having any visibility, Kitty Lock lit one of her torches to guide the way. Instantly the campfire extinguished and the music stopped, just like before, reappearing a distance behind them.

Leading the way, Kitty Lock advanced back towards the carriage, leaving the strange campfires behind them.
Once there, Kitty Lock took watch, whilst the others slept. The rest of the night was, fortunately, quite uneventful.

Outward Journey

The party woke early the next morning, the dappled sun shining through the small gaps in the canopy of leaves as they set off East, along the worn road.

They carried on along the road for quite some time, passing many small paths and various different plants until, in the distance, there stood a tiny grey statue, about 2 foot tall, in the middle of the road. It was very smoothly carved, but with basic detail; a large, friendly grin covered his face, with large happy eyes, his body small and rotund, with short stubby arms and legs.
As they got closer it moved! Looking up at them, it smiled even wider and seemed to do the motions of a full bellied laugh, but without any sound. It then waved and ran up a side path, to the left.

Confused and wary, the party trundled on cautiously, towards where the statue was. As they got closer, the statues head popped out from behind the bushes and gave another huge hearty smile and wave, before diving back down the path.
Looking down the path, it is unlike the usual dirt tracks that they have passed. It is paved with large, light coloured slabs, quite expertly done, and adorning the sides are hundreds, maybe thousands, of small stone statues much like the one that ran down there just moments before.
They are all different sizes, ranging from no more than 10 inches to 2 foot tall, all with the same wide-eyed grin covering their chubby faces. Some have their arms crossed, others have one or both arms protruding outwards, with their roundish hands outstretched. They are all motionless, just as statues should be, and it is impossible to tell if the one from the road is hidden amongst them.
The path continues only goes a short way before taking a sharp left turn, the view of which is obstructed by the statues and surrounding trees.

Out of fear, the party fled quickly from the area, deciding not to investigate the statue filled path. Carrying on East, they eventually reach the outskirts of the forest without any other incidents.

Session Highlights

  • The party camped in the carriage overnight.
  • During the night the party noticed many glowing eyes around them, in the distance. Lighting a torch drew them closer.
  • Persephone prayed to her deity (Rolled a 20!). Suddenly Kitty Lock’s torch became as bright as daylight and the eyes disappeared.
  • Later in the night, the party saw a campfire in the distance. They chose to investigate.
  • When closer they saw silhouettes of many strangely shaped figures dancing (Horns, long arms, animal legs, etc.). Music and laughter could be heard.
  • Upon reaching the campfire, they could see that the revellers were human looking.
  • Kitty Lock walked into the clearing. As soon as she did the music abruptly stopped, the fire went out, and everything was quiet.
  • Moments later, another fire started up in the distance, and music could be heard.
  • The party headed back to the carriage instead of the campfire.
  • As they passed the campfire, a smell of the sweetest, tastiest food wafted over from the festivities. Persephone was overwhelmed by the smell and started walking blindly towards the campfire, as though in a trance.
  • Eleana managed to break the trance, by wafting Absinth under Persephone’s nose.
  • Kitty Lock lit her torch to see, and again the campfire extinguished and re-appeared behind them.
  • The party headed back to the carriage, where they slept overnight without any mishap.
  • In the morning they headed East towards Cúan.
  • On their way through the forest, they saw a small statue of a little rotund figure, with a big grin on his face, standing in the road.
  • The statue waved at them, laughed, then ran to the left, up a side road.
  • Up the side-road were hundreds of the statues adorning the sides of it, in all different sizes, completely immobile.
  • The party chose to carry on out of the woods.


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