The city of Cúan (Pronounced [kuən]) is the largest city and port in all of the Southern Lands of Doras. It is a highly active and vibrant city, full of many differing cultures and races, all bringing their own unique ways to the city.

Unllike the rest of the Southern Lands, which is predominantly smaller communities that show a clear Celtic and Pagan influence, Cúan is so sporadic and diverse in it’s cultures that they blend seamlessly into one another.

Lying on the South-East coast, it is immense in size, covering almost 40 miles in diameter, and full to the brim with life of almost every kind possible.

Surrounding the city on the Northern and Western perimeters are vast fields of varied crops and herbs, in beautiful, different colours.
These not only provide ample food for the city’s many denizens, but also produce the main income for the city, through prolific trade with the multitude of merchants that visit their shores.


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