Inquisitors are the most skilled military arm of The Church and are tasked with hunting down heretics and Pagans and either converting them (which usually involves lots of torture), or killing them as an example to other heathens (which usually involves lots of torture).

They are also tasked with hunting down and capturing/killing/torturing any creatures which they deem to be “fae-like” – this includes gnomes, which legend tells, once lived in the fae realm, many centuries ago. Due to their fae-like appearance, Elves are despised and regarded as scum; often beaten or enslaved, but are frequently simply ignored as unworthy, because have no actual known link to the fae realm.

Inquisitors are akin to Paladins, in that they believe it is there divine right to rid the world of all evil. Unfortunately, they have a warped view on what is and isn’t evil.
They are a malicious combination of the Crusaders of Medieval Christianity, the Spanish inquisition, and the witch trials that ravaged the world, all wrapped up in a lovely, self-righteous, murderous little package.


Inquisitors most often travel in groups of three, known as a Triad, to better contest the typical coven of witches; the mother, maiden, and crone.

Out of the three, they are all seen as equals, none has greater authority than the other; their only commanders being the various figureheads of the The Church.

Typically, they would each be assigned a role, in their group; Hunter, Priest, Executioner.


The Hunter would track heathens, find them, trap them, etc. (A rogue, ranger, or spy type roll).


The Priest is touted as the holiest of the group, and is tasked with converting the heathens to the “righteous path”.
They are not akin to typical priests, and definitely not in the sense of the Pathfinder “Priest” class – These are violent, sadistic, and vicious killers, that generally enjoy torturing victims (I mean, “heathens”) for hours, days, or weeks, just to try and make them crack.

The priest is pretty much your typical torturer, that takes the heathens and attempts to break down the moral of any poor soul that has the misfortune of being caught by them.
Sometimes it is to gain information from them; other times it is to “convert” the victim; but frequently it seems to be nothing more than entertainment for the Priest.

They have a great imagination, when it comes to pain, and also a vast array of torture methods and devices at their disposal.


The Executioner is the most skilled killer in the group (Although the others are very capable as well).
They are tasked with the dispatching any pesky heathens, that get in their way. If a heathen doesn’t rescind their Pagan ways and pledge worship and allegiance to the The Church and the “righteous way” (After torture, of course), the Executioner will “dispatch them”. Sometimes they will kill heathens even if they do convert – maybe out of disbelief, because it took too long, or because they thought it would be fun.

They show no mercy and their every action is carried out in the divine name of their Deity.

They would probably be a Paladin or Fighter – a tank of sorts – but could also be a Monk, or any other skilled fighter.


The uniform of an Inquisitor is dark, blood red in colour, but the style of clothing varies, depending on the personal choice of the inquisitor.

Typically, they would wear a dark red, ankle length coat, and a dark red, wide brimmed hat. Effectively covering all of their body and creating a sense of anonymity.

When in public, and sometimes even around other Inquisitors, they wear fearsome face masks.
The masks are all different and individual to the Inquisitor, but they are all designed to strike fear in others and conceal their true identities. Some masks are plain in colour, but others contain ornate patterns or archaic runes and symbols.

No-one outside of The Church has seen the face of an Inquisitor and lived to tell of it.


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