Southern Lands

Cut off from the Northern Lands by the immense Blackvein Mountains, this savage land is mostly untamed and untainted by the touch of man.

To the West is the Greatwood Forest, which spans half of the Southern Lands, and has been left to whatever creatures may inhabit it.
What is left of the Southern Lands is mostly covered in the mass of moors and miry marshlands, known collectively as The Wilds. These primal grounds are home to many small groups of nomadic celtic tribes, who share the land in a respectful equilibrium with the myriad of beasts that also dwell there.

There is a single large bastion of what you could class as “civilised” society, in the large capitol city of Cúan, which lies on the South-East coast and spans a roughly 40 mile diameter.
It is a port city, and is actually the only sizeable port in the whole Southern Lands. Because of this, it is a veritable hub of activity with varying cultures and races.

The expanse of land the separates The Wilds and the city is covered in farmland – thriving fields of varying colours.

Doras’ main monetary income is via the trade from the large city port. Their main export is the huge amount of food and flora that is harvested in the great fields that surround the city.
They learnt long ago that plant based resources are far more viable and more profitable than livestock.


The inhabitants of the Southern Lands are predominantly nomadic tribes of Celts, which live scattered amongst The Wilds, where they are closer to nature.

As you get closer to the city, into the farmlands, you start to see a mix of peoples. Some are Celts who have settled down for the “more comfortable” life of a syndicated farmer; others are immigrants from other lands who have come to Doras to make a living from the land.

The city itself is a mass cacophony of various different races and cultures that have made it their home. As a large port town, many different people pass through, and are often enticed to stay through the promise of work or to start a new life.

Southern Lands

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